Chip Bark

Course Chip Bark - supplied by A P Hayden Bark - Bark, Mulch & Peat Moss Supplies, Dublin & Kildare, Ireland

Medium chip bark

Medium chip bark is the most effective way to control weeds, thereby reducing maintenance time. The bark will allow rainfall to reach the soil but will defer weed development.

Benefits of medium chip bark: Medium chip bark is also available in bulk for larger areas.

Mini-chip Bark

Mini chip bark is a small, appealing mulch made up of mini chips from quality bark. It is perfect for use on plant pots and containers, allowing plants to flourish during warm weather by assisting moisture retention. In colder weather mini chip bark offers protection to delicate plant roots against frost.

Mini chip bark can also be used around shrub and flower beds, acting as a weed suppressant as well as offering all year protection to your plants and adding beauty to your garden.

Fine bark

Fine bark is suitable for smaller garden-type areas such as: Available in small bags, bulk bags or loose.

Coarse Chip

Coarse chip is safe and hygienic can be used wet or dry and fully biodegradable. Coarse chip can be used for temporary road surfaces, mud control in animal pastures, bedding for dairy cows and other animals, and for erosion control.

Other applications for bark include: Available in small bags, bulk bags or loose.

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